Saturday, June 15, 2013


Seriously?! No, for real, were they SERIOUS about this one?
Look at this card! I mean, where do you want me to begin? The ump's fat ass dominating the card? The infielder on the left? Oh! Maybe the guy who's name appears on the card? It MUST be the catcher right, since it states "Catcher" on the lower right? That's about the ONLY way you'd even know who's card this is.
Absolute classic "bad card" from a set that had a ton of them, 1973 Topps.
Don't get me wrong: I actually like the '73 set. I do. Tons of nice cards in there. But man, when they missed, they missed BIG! As a matter of fact the "What Were They Thinking" thread will be dominated by this set.
That aside, let's examine this card. You actually have FOUR human beings in this shot, and yet you can't make out ANY of their faces. What are the odds?
The best thing you CAN make out is "It's Miller Time" on the back wall of the stadium. Awesome!
One of my all-time favorite "what were they thinking" cards! So much so that when I started collecting again after a 20 year break (and selling off my entire collection in the mid-80's), I gave myself rules like "only Hall of Famers" or "if not a Hall of Famer, then the card must be 50+ years or older". (Hey, I had to have SOME rules or I'd go crazy trying to buy everything up in these days of instant gratification and Ebay!)
Anyway, SOME cards had to be an exception, and this was one of them since I remembered how hilarious it was. It's such a stinker that I really was tempted to recreate it. But sometimes you have to refrain from messing with "perfection". Even if "perfection" is a disaster for the ages!

So what do you think? The Ump wears a 42 pant?


  1. As lacking as these '73 photos are, and this card included, it definitely filled the boss's orders of "Get Action Shots or your Fired", lol.
    You can actually almost tell what everyone is thinking just from what little you see:
    1. The umpire is taking a strolling step, because he knows he doesn't have to make a call (1st base does).
    2. The Brewer to the left seems to be focused only on getting a good look around the catcher to see if he's going to get it there in time.
    3. The other Brewer seems unsure if he did enough on the hit ball, and is concerned about doing a good enough job of getting out of the way of ...
    4. This catcher is about to whip his arm around after confidently eyeing a line between him and the covering player's mitt.

    Yep, 'Action' has been captured. Too bad (without the written info at the bottom of the card) we have NO idea who's card this is.

  2. And after all that, this isn't even Ellie Rodriguez. It's John Felske.

    1. I actually read a story saying that it was not Felske but Paul Ratliff

  3. I think the Brewer on the left is pitcher Bill Parsons. He had an odd career, winning 13 games each of his first two seasons, which was pretty good for those lousy Milwaukee teams. Then he fizzled out at age 24 and his MLB career was over by age 25. Injury troubles? One thing that made me curious was he's listed at 6'6. The Mets had a pitcher in the mid 60s named "Long" Tom Parsons, who was nicknamed "Long Tom" because he was 6'7. I wondered if Bill & Tom could have been a pair of very tall brothers, but it doesn’t seem to be. Tom was from Connecticut and Bill was from California.



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