Sunday, June 23, 2013


Today's "do-over" is the 1974 Carlton Fisk card, #105 in the set.
While I do like the action shot, sadly Fisk is almost lost in the crowd that makes up the background. It's almost like he's on the same plane as the crowd, blending in perfectly instead of appearing in the forefront of the shot. He doesn't "pop-out" in the picture.
I ended up choosing a cleaner image from his days with the Red Sox (though admittedly I think it's from a couple years later), and I tried to give it that "lesser quality" that the original picture has. However after a few filters and messing with the saturation and contrast, I couldn't get rid of that "clean" look so I stopped and let it fly the way it was.
Definitely an improvement I think, as it fills the horizontal orientation a bit more while still keeping that action-feel.
On a side-note I noticed something on the original card I never spotted before: there's a problem with the original photo to the left of Fisk, where the image seems like it got wrinkled or cut. Check it out, just about where the guy in the yellow shirt is in the front row. It runs straight up from yellow shit to the top of the frame.
Oddly enough, it only runs vertically in the "crowd area" of the shot. Check out one of the images below where I circled it. 
I never noticed this before, and have never heard anyone mention it either. Strange.

Topps issued Carlton Fisk, #105.

My re-done version.
Film error/smudge on card. Never noticed this before.

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