Friday, June 7, 2013


Today I offer up two of the best players from the decade caught in the action of someone else's baseball card: Nolan Ryan and Mike Schmidt.
First up is Buddy Harrelson's 1971 Topps card, which shows a (terrible) action shot of him applying a tag on a player trying to steal second base. (Kind of looks like Joe Morgan actually).
In the forefront you can see Nolan Ryan looking on, pumping his fist in approval.  Nice.

#30 Nolan Ryan looking on
Next we have a nice card of Steve Ontiveros from Topps' 1976 set showing him rounding third base while Mike Schmidt seems to be watching the throw about to head home.
I love this card, and as I've stated before, this set. Look at the colors jumping out at you, yet it all works together, even the player's bright yellow name.

Schmidt watching the action unfold
I've been finding a ton of cards like this through the '70's, where stars were caught in the background, or even foreground as in the case of the Buddy Harrelson card.
Definitely a fun thread to work on.

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