Sunday, April 30, 2017


You knew at some point I had to create a 1977 Reggie Jackson Orioles card. And I thought this photo made for a nice version of a card many have created before me:

I always felt it was messed up that there was never a card for Reggie really showing him as an Orioles player considering it was a HUGE blockbuster of a trade that sent him to Baltimore right before the 1976 season started.
This was big time news, and coming off of his second home run title (which was a tie with Milwaukee Brewer slugger George Scott), Jackson was in his prime.
Anyway, as well know Topps managed to airbrush him into a “Yankee” uniform, and we got the ugly card that was his 1977 slab. I was never a fan.
So, he we go, with a nice Baltimore Orioles card for the future Hall of Fame slugger and icon of the 1970’s.

On a side-note I always found it interesting that Reggie shared THREE home run titles in his career, in 1975, 1980 and 1982, ALL three with Milwaukee Brewers: George Scott, Ben Oglivie and Gorman Thomas.
Go figure.


  1. Very nice card! Had to remind myself why a player of Jackson's caliber would be traded. Then I remembered - free agency. This is when I started to lose interest in following baseball. I prefer the days when the players had to work winter jobs and were regular people like the rest of us working stiffs. However, still love the cards. Please keep them coming.

  2. I always thought that Earl Weaver's greatest managerial job was with the '77 Orioles. They lost Reggie, Bob Grich, and Wayne Garland (who won over 20 games in '76) to free agency and still almost won 100 games in '77. You're right, that '77 card of Reggie with the Yankees was just awful, as were so many of the other free agency cards that year.

  3. Awesome looking card! Much better than the one that was used in the set.

    Keep up the great work!! 👍

  4. Chris T. Absolutely right on... 1977 was a very special year in Baltimore Orioles history!! I remember it well!!!

  5. I recall that Topps actually had a 1977 card designed for Reggie with an Oriole uniform on before he was traded. You can see it if you Google it. The airbrushed Yankee version we all remember looks like a rush job.

  6. Here's where you can find that unissued Topps proof:



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