Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The next player featured in my on-going 1975 “In-Action” sub-set is the one and only Jim Palmer, 3-time Cy Young winner and ace of the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff for almost 20-years:

Though coming off of an uncharacteristically season in 1974 that saw him go 7-12 in only 26 games, he still posted an E.R.A. Of 3.27 with a couple of shutouts.
But of course that wasn’t the Jim Palmer we were used to, because for four years before AND after that season, he’s post 20-wins each and every time, as well as E.R.A.’s under 3.00 while racking up shutouts, innings and awards, including the aforementioned Cy Youngs, four Gold Gloves, six all-star game nods and an 8-3 postseason record with three championships.
Palmer will always be considered one of the era’s great pitchers, along with guys like Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton, the other 3-time (four for Carlton) Cy Young winners of that time period.
Just an amazing career.


  1. Nice!!

    I remember hearing a story when Jim Palmer was thinking of making a comeback in the early '90s. He was getting rocked quite a bit during Spring Training and one of the younger players was telling him that if he kept getting hit like that that he wouldn't make it into the HOF. He just looked at the guy and told him, "I already am". Not sure if its true or not, but makes for a funny story.

    Thanks for the card! :)

  2. Nice!

    It might be stretching the scope of this blog, but a custom from his comeback attempt would be cool to see.

  3. I found out something weird about Palmer; due to his arm problems in 1968, he was exposed in the 1969 Expansion draft!?! Neither the Royals or the Pilots chose him probably due to his arm woes. Can you imagine Jim Palmer in a Seattle Pilots uniform?

    1. Hmmm. I may have to try my hand at BOTH a '70 Palmer-Pilot(or Royals) card AND a "comeback" card in the near future! ;)

  4. Your 'gimmie-a-do-over' of the '75 Topps Jim Palmer card looks much better.



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