Monday, September 28, 2020


Up on the blog today we have a “not so missing” 1971 card for two-game Major League pitcher Ray Peters, who played the entirety of his Big League career in June of 1970:

Peters’ two games were not that successful, as he was pounded for seven earned runs over two innings of work, but nevertheless he made it to the “Big Show”, even if it was for only two days.
That performance left him with a career 0-2 record, with an earned run average of 31.50, with five walks and seven hits allowed.
He would spend the 1971 season in the Minors playing for both the Milwaukee and Philadelphia Phillies organizations, but he would retire after that, still only 24 years of age.




  1. Peters was the first, 1st Round draft pick of the Pilots (Gorman Thomas was the second). A Harvard grad, he left baseball to go into the real estate business. Once he crashed in that debut with the Brewers, he was never the same.

  2. He may not have been a very effective pitcher, but his Suttoning was on point.

  3. Big Ray Peters was an awesome representative for the Pilots. Was a great signer through the mail. He went through the trouble of tracking me down and asking for a variety of custom cards. He passed last spring and is greatly missed.

  4. Wow, I never heard of Ray Peters until a few years ago, when I discovered there was a blogger making custom cards of Ray Peters and various of his teammates without cards in a "Friends of Ray Peters" series.

    Never has a player attracted so much attention for so little playing time. He even has Aurelio Monteagudo beat! :)

    1. I really enjoyed the 'Friends of Ray Peters' series.

    2. By the way Jim, Peters was meant to serve as the centerpiece of the Phillies' Johnny Briggs trade in '71, but he was gone by '72 and we got stuck with Pete Koegel as the throw in. Meanwhile, Briggs played his best baseball with the Brewers from '71-'74.

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