Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Here’s a “missing” 1975 card for a pitcher who got to taste what it felt like to be part of the legendary “Big Red Machine” dynasty Cincinnati Reds of the mid-1970’s, Dick Baney:

Baney only played three years in the Major Leagues, the first with the Seattle Pilots in 1969, then making it back to a big league mound in both 1973 and 1974 as a member of the powerhouse Reds.
In 1974 he posted a 1-0 record over 22 games and 41 innings pitched, while he went 2-1 the previous season while appearing in 11 games with 30.2 innings.
Overall, Baney finished with a 4-1 lifetime record, with 42 appearances, three of them starts, along with three saves and 38 K’s over 90.1 innings.


  1. Poor Mr. Baney missed out on being part of the 1975 World Champs team though as he never got back in the Majors after that '74 season.

  2. The closest he came to the "Big Red Machine" was when the Reds were the NL West Champs in 1973 (He pitched well as a September callup?). He did not get to pitch in the playoffs when they lost to the Mets. But it is all still pretty good for a guy who has the following list of Baseball Transactions:
    October 15, 1968: Drafted by the Seattle Pilots from the Boston Red Sox as the 33rd pick in the 1968 expansion draft.
    June 15, 1970: Traded by the Milwaukee Brewers with Buzz Stephen to the Baltimore Orioles for Dave May.
    June 5, 1971: Purchased by the Cincinnati Reds from the Baltimore Orioles.
    September 20, 1971: Returned to the Baltimore Orioles by the Cincinnati Reds following previous purchase.
    March 1, 1972: Purchased by the San Diego Padres from the Baltimore Orioles.
    March 20, 1973: Purchased by the Chicago White Sox from the San Diego Padres.
    April 5, 1973: Released by the Chicago White Sox.
    May 2, 1973: Signed as a Free Agent with the Oakland Athletics.
    May 10, 1973: Released by the Oakland Athletics.
    June 7, 1973: Signed as a Free Agent with the Cincinnati Reds.

    Tidbit... in a "six degrees of" situation...Dick Baney was traded for the guy (Dave May) who was later traded for Hank Aaron...so he's got that going for him.

  3. Mr Baney was part of the "famous" Bob Apodaco/Apodaca Rookie Card ofv1974. Interesting to see him wearing 44 on your card. Pat Darcy wore that number in 1975 and gave up Carlton Fisk's famous HR in the Workd Series.

  4. Baney not only just missed out on the 1975 World Series Champion Reds while he was in the minors finishing up his career, but he was also close enough to smell a few other titles! He was in the Baltimore Oriole minor league system when they beat the Reds in the '70 Series and was briefly with the A's in their minor league system during their 1973 World Championship season. Close, but no cigar...



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