Sunday, June 5, 2016


Here’s another airbrushing gem from the 1975 set, Mike Wallace with his painted Yankee cap:

Dig the “NY” on the cap!

Anyone have an idea what the original photo was like? I'd love to have some "side-by-sides" to compare. I have seen a few here and there so I know they're out there!
Wallace was traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Bronx during the 1974 season, and really pitched well, posting a 6-0 record with a 2.41 earned run average after going 1-0 with the Phils.
Yet with that nice showing, the 1975 season was a wash for him, appearing in only 12 games between the Yanks and the St. Louis Cardinals, not factoring in a decision while pitching to a 6.23 ERA.
But a surprising note about this player was that he ended up with a very nice 11-3 career record over 117 games and 181.2 innings pitched, with a 3.91 ERA and three saves between 1973 and 1977.


  1. I wonder if Topps made a conscious decision to provide a player photo with a hat no matter how awful rather than the hatless sets like 1962 and 1968. There don't seem to be too many hatless cards/ photos after 1972. Just a lot of bad airbrushed lol.

  2. I have a pre-airbrush photo of the 1979 Mike Lum card if you're interested. Topps went thru a lot of trouble to not only airbrush uniforms but also some things in the background. I think you should do a series showing a before and after airbrushing for cards.

    1. Yeah that's what I was thinking. Totally cool to see the before and afters with some of these...
      You can always email me anything.
      Just in case: john (at) slogun (dot) com

  3. RAJ -I think you mean Mike Lum's 1976 Traded card? Topps basically used the same pose as they did on his 1974 stamp while he was in his Braves uni. Some of the airbrushed photos were really dated in that set. Bill Singer's went back to 1973 at the old Yankee Stadium n

  4. Wallace had a questionable airbrushing job in '77 when he was with the Rangers



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