Monday, July 22, 2013


This card has always cracked me up since it came out 35 years ago!
1978 George ("Doc") Medich, #583.
Forget for a second the bad airbrushing between Doc Medich's face and the blue-ish background around the nose. Forget the bad airburshing on his actual face around the chin.
What KILLS me is the cap. Can anyone scream "TEXAS!!!!"?! 
Ha! That Texas "T" is HUGE! The cap looks like some bad little league cap with an iron-on logo on the front.
Look, I totally get the limitations of airbrushing photos back then. As a graphic designer by profession, I actually deal with similar stuff even today with all of our modern computer technology.
But come on! What's with the total lack of sizing!?
If you want a better idea of what the logo size should have been, check out card # 588 from the 1978 set, Jim Mason. Though a little on the "big" size as it is, it's nothing compared to the giant  "T" on the Medich card.
I remember my friend Rob way back when being the first to pull this card and literally scream out "TEXAS!!!", while holding the card up for all of us to see.
A classic.
Is that a Texas-sized "T" or what?!

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