Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Jeez. Imagine being Dick Green in 1973 and seeing your baseball card for the first time.
What a smack of reality when you gaze down upon this little piece of cardboard:

For all the world to see...forever and ever and ever.

I mean really, why on earth would they select THIS photo for a player's card. Did Green piss someone off over at Topps or something?
Ironically, Green was a decent fielding player, yet he gets to have an ERROR depicted on his baseball card for eternity!
This is a guy who went on to win the Babe Ruth Award for the 1974 World Series BECAUSE of his defensive play! Seriously, he went 0-13 with four strikeouts in the series, yet STILL won the award for his brilliant defensive performance!
But here you have him muffing a ball, frozen in time for the ages. Man that is rough.
We all know the 1973 had a strange, sometimes inexplicable selection of photos on cards, but showing a player making an error? This may top the Willie Davis card for "low blow" in my book.
You HAVE to think the Topps people were having a little bit of fun at the expense of the A's second baseman. But why?
Those people at Topps were a tough bunch sometimes...

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  1. If he is standing at 2nd base, might he be receiving a low throw from the catcher on a stolen base attempt?



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