Saturday, July 6, 2013


Today we'll look at Joe Rudi's Topps card in the 1973 set.
It's actually not a bad looking card. Great shot of what seems to be a couple of A's players congratulating Rudi after a home run. We also have a great view of the crowd in the background on a bright and sunny day in Oakland, California.
Only problem is, it's not Joe Rudi being greeted at the plate as the card may lead you to believe, it's actually Fiore Gino Tennaci, A.K.A. Gene Tenace.
Topps had the wrong player portrayed on card #360. Now, I know we've all seen this before and since (Aurelio Rodriguez in 1969; Gary Pettis in 1985, Al Leiter in 1988), but this is the only card that I am aware of where the player photo used was an "action" shot. All the other cards that had the wrong guy were portrait poses.
Anyone know of another Topps card that used the wrong player on another person's card that was an action shot? Please let me know…
I couldn't identify the two other A's players in the shot, but I think the Indians catcher behind the A's players is Ray Fosse, ironically an A's player by the time this card came out.
Funny, but as I continue with this blog, I'm really appreciating the 1973 set more and more. It was never one of my favorites, but I'm only now seeing how it's really one of the most fun sets Topps produced in the decade.
That's Gino being greeted at the plate, not Joe Rudi.


  1. I believe the player on the left is Bill Voss and the player on the right is Marty Martinez, neither of whom had a card in the 1973 set.

  2. The catcher is not Ray Fosse who at that time was a member of the Cleveland Indians...this contest was a Sunday afternoon game at the Oakland Coluseum....vs the California Angels....I believe the catcher was Jeff Torborg



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