Sunday, July 28, 2013


One of THE players that always made me wish Topps created one last card AFTER retirement was Hank Aaron.
I mean, come on! Back in 1977 before the age of the ever-present internet and instant gratification, who wouldn't have wanted to stare at those insane stats after he was out of the game. 
It was crazy enough to look at the back of his 1976 card and get blown away by the numbers. But just to have the COMPLETE statistics on a lovely slab of cardboard would have been fantastic.
And while I DO think Aaron's 1976 issue was an awesome "last card", the 1977 set was so nice in the opposite way: clean and classic, it would have been great for Topps to throw in an Aaron card for posterity.
There's really no need to get into his whole bio here, as we all pretty much know it by heart at this point. This was HANK AARON for pete's sake...
Well, I went ahead and drew up an imaginary 1977 card to go along with the others I've seen created out there on the blogosphere. Consider this a tribute to the great "Hammerin' Hank".
By the time he left the game I was just getting into the sport hard-core, and he was nothing short of a "God" to my seven-year old self. He was instantly a mythical being who I only got to see in those awesome "Oh Henry" candy-bar commercials (anyone remember those?).
Love the way the colors all work together on this one. Enjoy…
One last hurrah for "Hammerin' Hank".


  1. Thanks so much for doing these Career Cappers! I agree with everything you said about 'Last' cards, and this Aaron card is DA BOMB!! What a shame Topps wasn't smart enough to make it themselves.

  2. Just checking out this card you told me about the other day. Wow! What a great card!! I just want to print it out and put in my shoebox!!!



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