Saturday, July 13, 2013


Sometimes a card's design matches up perfectly with the image used. Everything falls into place and we have a perfect little piece of art in the form of a baseball card. 
As I've written before, I feel this way about the 1976 Johnny Bench, as well as the 1977 Rusty Staub. 
Today I'm posting about another of those classically designed cards where everything falls into place and looks just perfect to me: the 1976 Topps #500 Reggie Jackson card.
I have always gawked at this card as a piece of baseball card perfection. The green and yellows in both the card borders AND the player photo itself, the awesome all-star designation at the lower left, and the aura of the "mighty" Reggie Jackson with his shades on, looking at his bat, ready to smash another homer of some unlucky pitcher.
Just a classic card.
By now I'm sure you've all picked up on the fact that I feel the 1976 set is full of fantastic cards. Just so many great looking cards because of both photos and card design. I know I concentrate on the star cards when I speak of my "favorites", but there are many common player cards that I feel this way about as well. 
I hope to have a nice full post going over the set in general in the future, as it's just too great a set to pick apart piece by piece instead of thoroughly examining it in it's entirety.
But for now let's appreciate the Reggie card, even though he was an Oriole by the time the 1976 season rolled around.
A classic card of a classic icon.

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