Saturday, July 6, 2013


Bobby Murcer's 1977 card was always one that I didn't like.
You see, I grew up a Yankee fan and I always loved Murcer. So even the cards of him on either the Cubs or Giants were cards I sought out as I ripped open packs in the late 70's.
So seeing this card with catcher Joe Ferguson taking up most of the frame irked me. So today I'm posting a much cleaner redesigned card with Murcer posing in a batting stance, facing the camera.
Yeah it's a little tame, but at least we're not distracted by some other guy's back to the camera instead of Murcer himself.
On a side note: I do like the fact that on the original card Murcer seems to be arguing balls and strikes with the ump. He seems a bit pissed, which if you know Murcer the player or announcer, there was probably not a nicer person on the baseball diamond or in the booth calling games.
Anyway,, would have made for a great card if the photographer got Murcer and the ump in the shot instead what was actually depicted.

#40 Topps card as issued.

Redesigned with a portrait picture.

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