Monday, July 8, 2013


Today's accidental photo-bombing cards are two of the first cards where I spotted a star player on someone elses baseball card way back when: 1973 #145 Bobby Bonds and 1977 #640 Carlton Fisk.
First up we have the Bonds card. It's a nice horizontal photo with Bonds getting back to the bag, perhaps on a pick-off attempt. After all, Bonds was the proto-type "double threat" when it came to slugging and stealing, so this was a crucial part of his game. (Many of you will say Willie Mays was really the first double-threat, and I can't really argue, but I always saw Bonds as the guy who put "30/30" on the map).
Anyway, manning first base, awaiting the throw from the pitcher is none other than the Pirates Willie Stargell.  This photo was taken right about when Stargell began playing more games at first base than in the outfield. Just a nice clean card with two stars for the price of one.
The second card I'm posting today was always one of my favorites. As a young Yankee fan I was quick to notice that my favorite second basemen, #30 Willie Randolph, was sliding into home plate while Carlton Fisk waited for the throw home.
Action shots of plays at the plate are always the best shots! Look at the crowd in the background: they're frozen in time waiting for the play's outcome. Fisk looks like he's about to get the ball and sweep tag Randolph as he's crossing the plate.
Just awesome. I wonder if he was safe or not.

Willie Stargell making an appearance at first base.

Willie Randolph going in for the slide.

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