Saturday, August 17, 2013


For years I have always wondered why, at the zenith of Topps airbrushing, they didn't seem to bother in 1974 with two players who were traded for each other: Glenn Beckert (#241) and Jerry Morales (#258).
Does anyone know why?
Beckert was traded to the Padres from the Cubs along with Bobby Fenwick on November 7th of 1973 for Morales, so I figured it was early enough to try and do an airbrush job on the two. However, there they are, showing their new, correct, teams but still in their "old" uniforms. Odd.
The mid-70's were such an era of airbrushing (both good and bad) that I'm really stumped. It also does bring up the question: why didn't Topps spare themselves all the airbrushing disasters and just do what they did here? Pretty easy to figure out that a player was traded in the off-season and the only images available are with the previous team. Right?
Anyway, one of those childhood questions that lingers to this day…
Beckert in San Diego...ummm make that Washington D.C., or Chicago?!

Morales sporting an oddly San Diego-like Cubs uniform (??)

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  1. The 1974 season was my first collecting baseball cards and to a 7 year old, this situation really confused me. First of all, I got the Beckert card with "Washington National League" on it, which was already mysterious. Then, there he was in a Cubs uniform while Willie McCovey got hit with that horrible airbrushed hat. As an adult, however, I agree with you, keep them as they are.



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