Friday, August 2, 2013


After redesigning the 1974 Fergie Jenkins card for the last "do-over" post, let's stay on the same set a little longer and look at one of my most hated star cards of the decade: #270 Ron Santo.
Seriously. Let me explain what I hate about this card: EVERYTHING!
Let's take a look and get reacquainted...

"You talkin' to me?!"

Where do we even begin?
First off, why was THIS photo used for a horizontal layout? Santo is off to the left of the card, with another player inexplicably just under his face behind him. I swear if you use your imagination it looks like a "mini" player looking down Santo's jersey while hanging on. Why no action shot if you insist on the landscape card?
Then, another teammate seems to be looking RIGHT AT the photographer taking Santo's picture from way back on the right side, while a sparse Spring training crowd is looking on.
Santo looks somewhat annoyed by all of this as he squints while fighting off the glare of the sun.
Either that, or it looks like the photographer yelled out "Hey Ron!!" and caught Santo as he spun around to see who was calling for him.
Ugh. I really get so annoyed with this card. What a shame that this was his last Cubs card. 
For my "do-over", I decided to use a nice portrait pose in a vertical layout. It seemed like a more appropriate last Cubs card for the Chicago legend and future Hall of Famer.
I can honestly say that this card has been one of my most hated cards for about 30 years now.
I always felt it was such a half-assed job for such a popular player.
Anyway, onto the new design:

Better on so many levels.

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  1. It is also an older photo of Santo on the original, the Cubs added trim to their home uniforms in '73.



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