Sunday, August 18, 2013


I wasn't the biggest fan of the 1979 set for it's design. There was something about the layout that bothered me big time, even as a kid way back when.
There were also a ton of boring, and I mean BORING photos used that year. Just bland shots that made for a less than desirable set in my eyes. I guess I got spoiled by four straight nice card sets in the 1975-1978 editions.
However, I generally did like a bunch of the all-star cards that year, especially (as written before) the Carew and Brett cards. The Larry Bowa card was another one that stuck with me as well.
There was something about that all-star banner that enhanced even a card that would have been "bleh" without it (like the Don Money card).
Sadly, Topps blew it with their Steve Garvey card that year. Just another one of those boring pictures that was easily forgotten.
Looks like Garvey was in between pitches during an at-bat against the Giants. That's catcher Marc Hill in the forefront.
Anyway, I've redesigned the card with a shot of Garvey at the plate, waiting for a pitch. Just a nicer shot of him with some decent color going on. Hope you all agree.
On a side-note: I have to say, I am STILL amazed that Garvey did not garner more support among Hall of Fame voters when he was eligible for induction. Yeah, I've read all the books that detailed who is worthy and who isn't, and how Garvey wasn't as good as his stats make it seem.
But I still have to disagree on his Hall omission. As a kid growing up in the 70's and 80's, Garvey was THE National League first baseman. And the way I saw it, and still do, the player who came to dominate a position during an era of the game should get into the Hall.
I'm sure many of you don't agree, especially with all the "new" stats that are worshipped these days.
But to me, guys like Garvey and Dave Parker are Hall of Famers. They made an impact on the game during their careers that should be honored with a plaque in Cooperstown.
If Jim Rice gets a nod, why not these two?
Anyway, my little rant for today. Take it for what it's worth (really not much, admittedly).

Topps issued Garvey card in 1979.

My re-design of card #50.


  1. Gold Glove First basemen don't get much love from the Hall, I have no idea why. (Steve) Garvey, Keith Hernandez, Don Mattingly; apparently saving runs from that position doesn't mean much, go figure. Actually, the Hall doesn't much care for the other corner (Third base) either; I believe there are fewer HOF'rs for that position than any other.
    [Beats the Football HOF where they seem to believe you can field a team with out a Punter altogether. Why Ray Guy is not in their Hall is BEYOND me.]

    1. You know it's AMAZING you mention Ray Guy!!! I STILL say the MOST absurd omission from a Hall of Fame in any of the four major sports is Ray Guy!!!
      You know, even though I'm a sports nerd and junkie, when I realized that Guy wasn't in the Hall, it was only about ten years ago?! To me it was SUCH a given that he was in the Hall of Fame I just assumed he was in!
      Am I missing something? Did Guy do some "unsavory" stuff later on that soured him on the voters? I just don't get it.

  2. i have to disagree a bit here, that original Garvey is one of my all time favorites...although yours is quite impressive, the original just does it for me, a bit like art, opinions will vary...

  3. Couldn't agree more about Mr. Garvey not being in the Hall, just doesn't make sense.



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