Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today's little "random quickie" deals with card #461 in Topps 1973 set: Mike Corkins.
What struck me as incredibly odd was the background of the image. Take a look:

Was this shot taken in a prison courtyard?!

Where on earth was this photo taken?!
Did the photographer catch Corkins on his way into a prison on "family day"?
That background has me so confused I can almost look past the CLASSIC mustard yellow and brown San Diego uniform of the early 1970's. Well...I said "almost" didn't I?
But seriously. That background reminds me of where I used to play "box ball" behind P.S. 186 across the street from my house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
I have to start looking to see if I can find other cards that aren't taken somewhere on the field.
I can't recall any at the moment.
Let the search begin!
As for Corkins himself, not much to say really. As with so many other pitchers stuck in San Diego in the early 70's,  he wasn't going to get much support, though the 1972 season was perhaps his best in the Majors.
He went 6-9 with a 3.53 E.R.A. with one shutout in 9 starts, while also picking up 6 saves among his other 38 appearances.
However, by 1974 he was out of the Majors, pitching another two years in the Minors for both the Padres and the Angels.
His career tally: 19-28 with a 4.39 E.R.A. in 157 total games, all for the Padres.
But at least he got to wear those crazy 1970's San Diego uni's huh?!

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  1. It still takes a backseat to Luis Alvarado's card from that season



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