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When I profiled all Topps cards #'d 100 for the decade of the 1970's a little while back for my 100th post, I mentioned that I may have to revisit the 1973 Hank Aaron card and redesign it since I always hated that image of him waiting for a pop up while manning first base.
I remember when I was finally able to buy that card, must have been about 1980 or 1981, and for an eleven-year-old it was exciting buying an "older" card of such a baseball legend. I don't remember what I paid for it, but for a kid that age I remember it was a chunk of change.
But deep down I always thought that having the all-time home run champ depicted in a lame fielding shot was a let-down. I never really "liked" the card.
It's the same as pulling a Lou Brock or Rickey Henderson card: why not have an image of them in the middle of a steal, or leading off a base? Why not try to have an image of a player doing what they're known for on the baseball field?
Anyway, allow me to indulge myself and present to you a redesigned card with a more appropriate photo befitting the all-time home run champ until Barry Bonds came along in 2007.
I don't know if "Hammerin' Hank" jolted one out of the park here, but it sure beats that other image of him that I've been staring at for the past 30+ years...
Just a small side-note: look at the original card that Topps put out. I could never understand why there was an odd light-colored line outlining his chin and neck. If it wasn't for the rest of the image looking "natural" I would swear Aaron was super-imposed over another background (like the George Scott card of the same set). Odd.

Aaron's 1973 card as-issued by Topps.

My redesign with a more "appropriate" photo for the former all-time home run king.

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