Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Here's a card that I already tackled when I first started this blog, a "revised" version of a 1979 Rod Carew, correctly showing him as a member of the California Angels, where he was traded in February of that year.
However, this time I've designed a version that is part of my "traded" series, showing a "traded line" on the front, as with my others (Tom Seaver, Dick Allen, etc).
Take a look:

Funny enough, the 1979 Topps card of Carew as it was released happens to be one of my all-time favorite cards. But Carew's trade makes fit right in to my thread on the topic.
I Remember as a 10-year old kid (before the days of instant info on T.V. or internet), I was shocked and confused to see that Rod Carew wasn't on the Minnesota Twins anymore.
I was dumb-founded as to how the game's best hitter was now on the West Coast, playing for the Angels.
Anyway, as we all know, Carew continued to hit all the way to the Hall of Fame, easily the games greatest hitter of the decade.
A seven-time batting champ, a Rookie of the Year in 1967, a Most Valuable Player in 1977, and an EIGHTEEN-time all-star (consecutively), the man was a superstar!


  1. Nice one Gio. Loved Rod Carew as a kid. We used to imitate his slouched, weak-wristed batting stance. We over-exaggerated it to where the bat head was a foot off the ground. He was probably the best pure hitter I've seen.

  2. Excellent card.
    I remember Carew as a premiere hitter during the 70's but I remember him more for being on my All Star Baseball Game team.

    The board game with the round cards that had sections split up like a pie, for a hit, double, fly out, ground out, etc. There were built in spinners on the board and you slid the round card in and spun the spinner to see what the player did.

    Carew had the biggest single spaces in the game. My brothers and I would play complete seasons (with scorecards and everything). Carew was always my lead off guy, always led the league (4 teams) in hits and batted over .400 one simulated season.

    Yep, one of the best hitters I have ever seen, IRL and in ASBG :)



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