Monday, December 8, 2014


Today's player for my ongoing 1972 "Missing In-Action" stars is Jim "Catfish" Hunter. Future Hall of Famer and stalwart of the Oaklnad A's dynasty of the mid-1970's.
Take a look:

Hunter was coming off of his first of what would be five consecutive 20-win seasons, his last one as a member of the New York Yankees after signing with them as one of the game's first big-time free agents.
What a class-act Hunter was.
A down-to-earth dude who didn't let stardom sidetrack him, it was sad that he'd have to retire from the game at the age of 33 because of arm troubles, but downright tragic that he would pass away in 1999 from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) at the young age of 53!
By the time he retired in 1979, he posted 224 wins, a 3.26 earned run average, 2012 strikeouts, and most importantly, FIVE championships: three with Oakland and two with the Yankees.
In 1987 Cooperstown came calling and elected him in, forever enshrined in baseball's all-time history.


  1. Because I'm a geek, I can tell that the photo used for this card was taken at the 1970 All Star Game in Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium. The home run wall and yellow line at the top of it are forever etched in my mind since I grew up in Cincinnati during the 70s. I'd recognize it anywhere. Hunter would return to the Riverfront Stadium mound three more times in his career. He started (and won) games 2 and 7 of the 1972 World Series for the A's there and also started game 2 of the 1976 Series as a Yankee where he was beaten by the Reds on a 2-out, walk-off RBI single by Tony Perez in the bottom of the 9th.

  2. Thanks RAJ. I was thinking the same thing. The yellow line and green wall looks like Riverfront but his uni is definitely not the 1972 version. Wasn't sure if he was in the 70 AS game but you answered my question. Nice card of a great player.



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