Sunday, June 22, 2014


Man, whoever Topps gave the airbrushing job for their 1978 John Verhoeven card was about as dedicated as you can get, even IF the cap-work is something for the ages.
Check it out:

Look at that cap! Look at the uniform!
While I want to burst out laughing, there is a ton of work going on there!
But man, that uniform paint-job is priceless.
I love the shadowing under the collar, the lighting effect going left to right.
Kudos to the person who wielded the mighty airbrush-pen for that one!
The cap is downright hilarious.
I could be a mile away and STILL read the "Sox" emblazoned across the paddle-ball wall that is that cap!
Love it.
My only real gripe about this card is the fact that all this work and effort went to a player who only appeared in NINE games in 1977, split between the Angels (three games) and the White Sox (six games).
We're talking an output of 15 innings for the season, and Topps gave THIS guy all those man-hours?
So strange.
On top of all that, Verhoeven wouldn't see a Major League mound again until the 1980 season, when he suited up for the Minnesota Twins.
No disrespect to Mr. Verhoeven here, but I sure wish Topps would have given this slot to Brooks Robinson, or Dick Allen, or maybe even a dedicated card for Paul Molitor or even an Ozzie Smith!
Ah well, if Topps did everything right then what would I really have to yap about here, right?

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