Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Here's the second post regarding my "Then and Now" series of cards celebrating baseball stars at the twilight of their careers, this one of all-time great Hank Aaron.
Take a look:

Following my design concept seen in my first post (Bob Gibson), I've gone ahead and designed a 1976 card showing Aaron in his final season in the Majors, along with his 1954 Topps rookie card on the left.
No need to go into Aaron's career here, just want to enjoy this card and the series idea.
I always loved that 1983 "super veteran" sub-set Topps created (then again, I love everything about that 1983 set, period!), so I wanted to put a spin on that idea and create a card like that for various stars (and other guys who put together lengthy careers) throughout the 1970's.
So while you'll see cards of the obvious super-stars, I'll also throw in cards of guys like Don McMahon, Ted Abernathy, etc, who put together some solid "time" in a Major League uniform, and should be celebrated for their accomplishments.
Keep an eye out for them…

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  1. Just WOW. That looks and feels so much like a real card that coulda, shoulda been. I bet if I get closer to the screen I'll smell bubblegum.



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