Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Today we revisit former New York Met outfielder Dave Schneck, who I profiled earlier for his "missing" 1975 Topps card, (click on the label below of his name for that post).
Today we look at my design for a "missing" 1973 Topps card, as he saw some decent playing time in 1972 and should have had a card in the following year's set.
Take a look at the card first:

For the 1972 season Schneck played in 37 games, good for 134 plate appearances and 23 hits in 123 at-bats.
That translates to an anemic .187 average, which he paired up with three doubles, two triples and three homers along with 10 runs batted in.
It was about a third of the playing time he'd see in 1974, which didn't even get him a card in the 1975 season, but again, with some of the guys that DID get a card in the 1973 set, you wonder why Schneck was left out.
For some of you Mets fans out there looking for the complete card representation, I hope this helps!
Seems I get more requests from Mets fans for "missing" player cards than any others.
I'll try coming up with some more missing Mets in the future.

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