Saturday, June 21, 2014


Here's a great card from that wacky 1973 Topps set, #431 Gerry Moses.
Take a look:

Now, is it "Jerry", or "Gerry"?
I have no idea, but I can tell you that I'm leaning towards "Jerry" since I have a 1972 Cleveland Indians team signed baseball, and it clearly says "Jerry".
Which brings me to my next point about the card: the photo is obviously not one of him in a Yankee uniform since he didn't play for them yet when this card was produced.
Yet it's not a photo of him from the year before, since as I mentioned above he was with the Indians, and their caps were red from what I know.
So it seems Topps went a bit further back, but Not EVEN from the year before (1971), since Moses was with the California Angels that year, and if you look behind him in the shot, that's an Angel sliding across the plate there.
So it seems that Topps went with a photo of Moses from his Boston Red Sox days, which were between 1965 and 1970.
Whew! Such complications for a light-hitting, much traveled catcher!
I like the look on Moses' face, almost like, "Oh well, the guy scored, what can you do?"
Now, I'm totally guessing here, but I think the Angels player sliding home is Ken McMullen, who sported #7 on his uni. But again, wild guess here.
I'm just a sucker for a nice photo of a catcher in action a'la 1976 Johnny Bench or 1978 Jim Sundberg, as profiled earlier.
Moses would only suit up for the Yanks in 1973 before moving on to Detroit in 1974, then the Chicago White Sox and San Diego Padres in 1975 before retiring.
Never a starter, he ended his nine-year career with 386 games played, 25 homers and a .251 batting average over 1072 at-bats.
But he does leave us with a nice game-action card to appreciate all these years later!


  1. On Graig Nettles' airbrushed 1973 card he is wearing a dark batting helmet similar to what Moses is wearing here. That would put him on the Indians in the pic. He only played the Angels ONCE that year, and no one with the number 7 scored that game.

    However, I think the sliding player is an Oriole. May 28, 1972 Mark Belanger (#7) scored on a sacrifice fly in a wild fourth inning.

    1. Thanks (yet again) Eric! I would have never thought that was an Oriole! But I think you nailed it....
      Love the age we live in where we can figure out what game it is with all the info at our fingertips. Just incredible...

  2. Eric is correct. This is a picture of Moses on the Indians from May 28, 1972. For a look at all the 1973 cards that had pictures from this game (including the Graig Nettles card), check out the post I was inspired to write after reading your post.

    Man I am loving the networking of info here!
    Thanks guys! One of those added perks of this blog!!!



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