Sunday, January 1, 2017


Today we have a “Turn Back The Clock” card to celebrate Sandy Koufax and his Perfect Game of September 9th, 1965, against the Chicago Cubs in what many consider the greatest game ever pitched by BOTH pitchers:

Having been winless for just about three weeks at the time, Koufax came in to start against the Cubs and their recent call-up Bob Hendley (the 1st 1966 card I ever got by the way).
The game would turn out to be historical for more than just Koufax and his fourth no-hitter.
Turns out for seven innings Bob Hendley would match the great lefty frame for frame, not allowing a hit to the eventual World Champions until Lou Johnson hit a bloop behind the second baseman to break up HIS no-hitter.
Koufax, however, would keep going, not allowing a Cubs base-runner, let alone a Cubs hit, striking out 14 batters in setting a new Major League record with FOUR no-hitters, one more than Indians legend Bob Feller.
Sadly for Hendley, the lone hit he would give up didn’t even factor into the one unearned run he would give up in the tough loss.
In the bottom of the fifth inning the Dodgers would score after a walk to Lou Johnson, followed by a sacrifice by Ron Fairly, a steal of third by Johnson which led to a error by catcher Chris Krug allowing Johnson to score.
The game had a total of ONE hit and TWO base-runners, and would be the last time the Cubs were no-hit until Cole Hamels pulled the trick in 2015.
Koufax would hold that record of four no-hitters until a guy like Nolan Ryan came along and threw his fifth in 1981, followed by two more some ten years later giving him a total of seven, which will probably never be matched.

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  1. Awesome! Not gonna complain about any Koufax cards. :)



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