Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Here’s a new thread I’m starting for 2017 that will be a blast to create, a “Future Star” 1978 sub-set based off the manager card template in the set, since it plays right into what I wanted to do, sort of a “before they were stars” image next to a “present-day” shot:

It’s not that easy finding an abundance of photos from when these guys were still amateurs, but I did come across enough of them to start the series.
Nolan Ryan was an easy choice to kick things off, and by 1978 he was already the “King of K’s”.
So here we have a nice card that shows him as a youngster in Alvin, Texas along with an image of him dominating batters in the Major Leagues some 20 years later.

The run he had during the decade (and way beyond), striking out batter after batter was something else. Something I had the honor of witnessing first hand a few times at Yankee Stadium.
I already have about a dozen or so stars of the time lined up for this thread, so if you like this idea, keep an eye out for them.


  1. Nice card. I will never forget the Bobby Murcer Boyhood Photo card from 1973 Topps. That was the first set my older brother really collected and his favorite player was Murcer. And since we got the Boyhood Photo card before Bobby's regular issue, I got to see it quite often as a five-year-old.

  2. Sweet! Nice card and subset idea of one of my favorite players.

  3. Awesome looking card! Can't wait to see what the rest of them look like!



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