Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Time to go and give “The Penguin” Ron Cey a “Dedicated Rookie Card” in the 1972 set, the first of two sets that he appeared on a multi-player rookie card:

Cey pretty much made an immediate impact in the Major Leagues, going on to a very nice 17-year career that saw him star with the Los Angeles Dodgers at third base, being named to six consecutive all-star games between 1974 and 1979.
By the time he hung up the cleats after the 1987 season, he slammed 316 home runs while collecting 1139 runs batted in, with a .261 lifetime average.
As we all know he’d also be part of an infield that came up together, and stayed together for quite some time, Ron Cey at third, Bill Russell at short, Davel Lopes at second and Steve Garvey at first base.
And very solid and dependable quartet if there ever was one!
They’d help bring the Dodgers four National League Pennants and a World Series victory in 1981 over the New York Yankees.
Not bad at all...


  1. As a Rose-Concepcion-Morgan-Perez Reds fan growing up in the 70s, I truly respected and even loved the Cey-Russell-Lopes-Garvey Dodgers. The fact that Cey looked like a mailman or an office pencil-pusher made his appeal even more endearing. That swashbuckling mustache was classic! Seeing him without it is a bit of a shock still. His penguin-like waddle as he would run the base paths was something to see...and imitate as a youngster. We loved the rivalry. We loved "hating" the Dodgers, but we truly never hated them. Perhaps the two best teams of the 70s played in the same division. Of the 10 World Series matchups in the decade, 7 of them had a Dodger or Red team representing the NL. Great times!

  2. looks great. the photo definitely is of the period, and it's the same photo i used for my version of a solo '72 topps cey card.


    keep 'em coming



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