Monday, November 30, 2015


Here’s yet another “missing” New York Mets player, a 1974 card for former outfielder Jim Gosger. And I like the “authenticity” of the final result.
Check it out:

Gosger appeared in 38 games for the National League champs in 1973, hitting .239 with 22 hits in 92 at-bats while manning the outfield.
It was the second to last year of a 10-year career that saw him suit up for the Boston Red Sox, Kansas City/Oakland A’s, Seattle Pilots, Montreal Expos and Mets before retiring after the 1974 season.
All told he batted .226 for his career with 411 hits, 197 runs scored, 30 homers and 177 runs batted in over 705 career games and 1815 at-bats.


  1. Love it. Thank you for filling in my beloved '73 Mets. It looks like Gosger is wearing #18 but I thought he wore #19 in '73. He wore #18 in '69 but there's no way that picture is from '69.

    1. Good catch! Yeah, both Baseball-Reference and Baseball Almanac seem to agree that Gosger only wore #18 in 1969, but I agree that this picture wasn't taken then--that sure looks like John Milner making a cameo in the dugout, and Milner wasn't on the team in 1969. (It looks to me like it's #28, which would make it Milner--it certainly isn't Bob Heise, who wore #28 in '69. Although I can't rule out that it's Tommie Agee wearing number 20. I don't think so, though.) We may have uncovered a missing number in baseball history! Or maybe it's an exhibition game (even if it's Shea Stadium, they played an occasional exhibition there).

    2. It defintiely has the look and feel of 1973. The source I use is the MetsByTheNumbers website which has not only the uni numbers but the date ranges for when used. Perhaps, they missed this somehow. They show Gosger as wearing 19 from 5/2/1973 to 7/7/1973. 19 was worn in 1973 according to this site by Brian Ostrosser who wore it from 8/5/1973 8/18/1973. 18 was worn at the start of 73 by George "The Stork" Theodore from 4/14/1973 to 6/5/1973 and was switched 9 as of 6/6/1973 through 10/2/1974 (of '74). Interesting to note that Gosger wore 5 in 1974 during his stint from 8/3/1974 to 10/1/1974.

      2 theories here:
      1) Perhaps Gosger came back up from Tidewater and with Ostrosser wearing 19 and was switched back to 18.
      2) Is there any chance this photo is actually of Ostrosser who was incidentally also a lefty batter just like Gosger.


  2. That card really fits in with the 1974 topps mets cards. Beautiful.

  3. This looks very authentic! Is it #661 in that set?!

  4. Nicely done, very authentic. It's funny, I was a Mets fan in 1974 but I don't remember Gosger... I think of him as a Seattle Pilot.

  5. Gosger had a tough rookie card. Shares a four player card with Willie Stargell

  6. I believe that's Dave Marshall. Marshall played 72 games for New York in 1972. That very well could be Donn Clendenon in the background. He was gone before the 1972 season. Still a beautiful card.



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