Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Here’s a fun card to make: a “missing” 1979 Topps card of former New York Mets pitcher Mardie Cornejo.
Take a look:

Cornejo is a bit of a mystery since he appeared in only one season of Major League ball (1978), and performed rather well, posting a 4-2 record with the Mets while posting a 2.45 earned run average over 25 appearances and 36.2 innings, all out of the bullpen.
So why no other action in his career? Anyone familiar with Cornejo and what happened?
Nevertheless it was awesome finding this photo of the guy so I could whip this card up for the blog.


  1. No idea what happened to him but during his brief Mets tenure his nickname was "the Chief".

  2. A New York Times article indicates that Mardie had one game where he gave up five runs in one inning - but for that one game, he would have had a 1.25 ERA in 1978 in the majors. He was traded in March 1979 to the Detroit Tigers and spent the 1979 season in the minors at Evansville. he went 5-5, 5.42 in 31 games and retired after the season.

  3. I remember hearing that he needed TP for his bunghole, though I might be confusing that with someone else.

  4. The Mets traded him for Ed Glynn. After one year in the Tigers system, he retired. Worth noting that he was 28 by then and it sure seemed he was doomed to be a career minor leaguer (but for his brief time in New York). Broke camp with the Mets in '78, got a win in his major league debut and a save the next day. As good as he was with the Mets in '78, they sent him down to the minors on May 22 when Dale Murray joined the team. He lived on, though--in that he taught his two-seam fastball to his son, Nate who pitched for the Tigers from 2001-2004.



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