Monday, April 27, 2015


Here's an interesting card I designed for a "missing" player, a 1977 Doug Howard card.
Check it out:

The reason it's somewhat different than the others is because even though Howard was left out of the Topps set, he actually appeared in the 1977 OPC set, as an "original" Toronto Blue Jay.
Funny enough he never ended up playing a game for them on the Major League level, so I went and designed a card with him shown as a Cleveland Indian, for whom he suited up in 1976.
He appeared in 39 games for the Tribe, and batted .211 with 19 hits in 99 official at-bats.
It was the most time he saw in any of his five seasons in the big league, and his only season as an Indian. 
He came up with the California Angels in 1972 and played for them three years before moving on to the St. Louis Cardinals in 1975, but he never did appear in a Topps set, even with his 97 career games and 233 at-bats.
Would have been a nice hole filled in as far as the more obscure players from the decade, especially when you think of some guys that DID get a card in the 1977 set who saw far less action in '76 like Jim Holt, Larry Cox or Jack Kucek.


  1. Tom Bruno is another one who appeared in the OPC set as an original Bluejay but did not appear in the 1977 Topps set.

  2. Love the magenta uniforms. It always reminds me of Frank Robinson's first game as manager of the Indians in 1975. I think he had three or four cards in that set.

  3. Appears that Doug is on Deck at the Local Softball Tuesday Night Beer Game, Ha!

    1. That's exactly what my first thought when I saw this. :)

  4. Gio - unrelated to this post, but having attended last night's Mets-Yankees game where ARod hit his 659th career homerun, was wondering if you could do some work around one of my favorite all-time cards - all-time home run leaders - 1973 - #1 with Ruth, Aaron and Mays. One though is an update that brings the card up to date annual for Aaron's homerun chase. I'd envision #1A as of end of the 1973 season with Ruth at 714; Aaron at 713 and Mays at his final 660. Then a version #1B with Aaron at 733, Ruth at 714 and Mays at 660. Then a final #1C with Aaron at his final 755, Ruth at 714 and Mays at 660. I might also suggest an asterisk version #1* with Bonds at 762, Aaron at 755 and Ruth at 713. Probably could have some variations there as well. Think about it. Love your work!!

  5. Was Doug Howard traded for Rick Cerone in 1977?

    1. Hey, nope, the trade for Howard was: "Traded by the Cleveland Indians with Alan Ashby to the Toronto Blue Jays for Al Fitzmorris."



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