Monday, April 6, 2015


I recently gave former Phillies and White Sox slugger Greg "The Bull" Luzinski a "Nickname" card as part of my "Nicknames of the '70s" thread, and today I want to present a "Dedicated Rookie Card" for him as part of the 1971 set.
Check it out:

You all know I'm not a fan of the multi-player rookie cards were using in their sets, so I'm slowly creating "dedicated" rookies of all the players who went on to prominent careers later on.
Luzinski's 1971 rookie was nothing to write home about, as he split his card "appearance" with outfielder Scott Reid, who actually never made it back to the Majors again after a handful of games in 1969 and 1970.
For "The Bull" Luzinski, he only played in eight games in 1970, manning first base and collecting two hits in 12 at-bats.
He'd have to wait until 1971 for his first Big League homer, hitting three of them over his 100 at-bats that year.
From then on he became the perfect partner to slugging third baseman Mike Schmidt, as they bashed their way through National league pitching staffs for the rest of the decade before Luzinski moved on to the Chicago White Sox in 1981.


  1. I saw this one coming. You did a nice job, but I honestly don't have a problem with his regular '71 Topps card with Scott Reid. That entire set is a work of art, is it not? Aside from that, here is one multi-player rookie card that definitely deserves a do-over: '79 Topps Pedro Guerrero!

  2. I love the 71 set as well. The multiplayer rookie card from that set are some of my favorites. Yes and please re-do all of the 1979 Rookie cards. They are one of Topps' lamest efforts.

    1. But please proceed with the individual rookies as well lol.



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