Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Ok, so here's a "missing" 1976 card for a guy I wouldn't consider necessarily missing for the set because of lack of playing time in 1975, but since I created the card for my ongoing project with "Reader Jim", I'm posting it up here.
Take a look at my 1976 Dave Pagan card:

For the 1975 season Pagan pitched in 13 games for the Yanks, without a decision and a 4.06 E.R.A., one save and 18 strikeouts over 31 innings of work.
The following year he'd get traded to the Baltimore Orioles, before getting drafted in the expansion draft and becoming one of the "original" Seattle Mariners in 1977.
At the tail end of 1977 he'd pitch in one game for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which creates a bit of a photo "white whale" for me since I want to create a "missing" 1978 card for him as well (hint hint to anyone out there who has a usable photo of him as a Pirate).
That one game for Pittsburgh would be the last of his career, as he'd pitch in the Pirates' Minor League system for the next two years before hanging them up.
Overall he had a five-year career, finishing with a 4-9 record, along with a 4.96 E.R.A., one shutout, four saves and 147 K's over 232.1 innings of work spread over 85 games.
One last note on Pagan: he hails from the relatively remote town of Nipawin, Saskachewan, Canada.
Check out the location! As far as a baseball player goes, man that is remote!
A good friend of mine lives in Winnipeg, manitoba, and the Winters there are insane. THIS town of Nipawin is a few hundred miles NORTH of that! So I can't even imagine what it's like up there…


  1. Dave was the 9th man on that '75 Yankee staff so his card is more than deserved. Especially considering your previous offering on creating a true RC for Mr Guidry who was the 10th man. ;0

    Great work as usual Gio!

  2. Absolutely awesome. Now you must create a traded card for him. Remember the 10 player swap between the Orioles and Yankees that year on June 15!

  3. This just about completes the 1976 Topps (1975 stats) Yankees...along with Pagan, you have already created Jim Mason, Rich Bladt, and Alex Johnson (as a Tiger due to his trade before the 1976 season). The only other card i could conceivably think of would be Kerry Dineen. In 1975 Dineen had 7 games (most in his career) with a slash line of .364/.417/.409.

  4. I happened to notice this by chance today.

  5. tmckelv, don't forget about the special rookie edition that Gio did for the 'Gator' - Ron Guidry. And actually I would offer if Gio was going to conceivably go that deep into the Yankee roster for that year, the next man up would be Terry Whitfield who saw action in 28 Games with 84 PAs.... And I know exactly where to find a good image of him. ;P



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