Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Here was a fun card to design: a 1970 "missing" card for short-lived Major League pitcher Ron Law of the Cleveland Indians.
Take a look at my card:

Turns out the Canadian's only Major League action was the 1969 season, when he appeared in 35 games for the Tribe, good for 52.1 innings, in which he fashioned a 3-4 record with a 4.99 E.R.A., a save and 29 strikeouts.
I'm getting more and more into the idea of creating cards for these guys with brief (even briefer) MLB careers since I'm finding nice images of them online.
I know it kind of flies in the face of my "Why?" series profiling guys who barely played the previous season, but a guy like Law here, with 35 games and 52.1 innings deserves a slab of cardboard, no?
Keep an eye out for more of these guys in the near future, as I have been trolling the web for players like this and have come up BIG!
Too much fun……


  1. Love the missing card features.. How w about a.1975 Denny Doyle in a redSox uniform

  2. It's 'deserves a slab of cardboard, eh?' ;)

  3. I really like the missing cards of the players with brief careers. That is one of main reasons I check out this site everyday. Kerry Dineen of the 1975 New York Yankees and Dave Criscione of the 1977 Baltimore Orioles are two more examples of guys who had brief but impactful careers. You could look it up...

  4. Love the 70 series. I especially like it because of the 1969 Centennial patch on many of the uniforms. It's funny to see some of them show up in the 1971 set too. Nice card.

  5. Yankee Stadium Again? Cool Card.

  6. I think every major leaguer deserves at least one cups of coffee should merit at least a prospects/rookies multi-player card. Especially considering how many players are on thoses types of cards that never even made it to the majors.

    As for Ron Law, he most certainly deserved his own card with substantial playing time in 1969. This card would definitely be a good replacement for the piece of scrap paper with "Ron Law - Relief Pitcher" scratched on it in my Indians pitchers page. NOTE: Actually, as I look over the 1970 Topps Indians pages, they are chock full of missing in action...along with Law and Tony Horton (which I believe you profiled in an earlier post), the 1970 Indians are also missing Cap Peterson (OF - 76 games in 1969), Horacio Pina (P - 31 G), Juan Pizarro (P - 57 G), and a few others with 20+ Games. Although, according to standards, Pizarro would have A's on his card since he finished up the 1969 season with 3 games in Oakland where he interestingly (to me) got a Win, a Loss and a Save in his 3 games in Oak that year.

    1. You are awesome! Thanks for the heads-up on the other missing players! Will have to add them to the list!



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