Saturday, October 15, 2016


Here was a fun card to create, a 1976 “Coach” card for Hall of Famer Bob Lemon, who was coaching the eventual American League champ New York Yankees:

I had to get a bit creative with the player graphic in the lower left of the card. Just imagine it being a coach hitting some fielding practice bunts to players before a game.
Anyway, before memorably leading the Yankees to a World Championship in 1978 with one of the most improbable come-backs in history, Lemon was giving his expertise to pitchers like Ron Guidry, Catfish Hunter and Sparky Lyle.
But before taking the helm of the Bronx Bombers he would have a stint as Chicago White Sox manager in 1977, a team that surprised many with an offense led by Oscar Gamble and Richie Zisk, popping almost 200 home runs during the homer happy season.
Nevertheless he found his way back to the Yanks in the middle of the 1978 season, leading the team past the Boston Red Sox in a 163rd game that we know as the “Bucky Dent” game, and eventually past the Los Angeles Dodgers for the Yankees second consecutive championship.
A true baseball “lifer”, Lemon would also find his way to Cooperstown in 1976, elected by the BBWAA based on his 207 wins, all with the Cleveland Indians, which included SEVEN 20-win campaigns in only ten full seasons. Amazing.


  1. Nice 'coach' icon. I wasn't even about to try it for my '76 coach cards I did but you've inspired me to give it a try. :-)

  2. I te ever lemon as a coach and manager and my father telling me how good a pitcher he was.

  3. Bob Lemon was the key reason for the Yankees amazing comeback in '78.



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