Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Though just beginning what was (and still is) an arguably Hall of Fame career in 1972, I nevertheless wanted to give former all-star shortstop of the "Big Red Machine" Dave Concepcion a "missing" In-Action card in the 1972 set, and I think I came up with a doozy!
Take a look:

Gotta say, it's a beaut!
Granted, he has his back to the camera and it's really all about the other two guys, Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench and Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson, but come on, THAT is some in game action right there!
Concepcion was a major cog in that machine we called "Big Red".
A nine-time all-star, he went on to take home five Gold Glove Awards and even two Silver Slugger Awards later on in the early-80's.
Teamed up with guys like Bench, Pete Rose, George Foster and Joe Morgan, they were incredible for a while there.
By the time he retired after the 1988 season he collected over 2300 hits, scored just under 1000 runs, and stole over 320 bases.
For a kid growing up then, he was up there among the recognizable players that seemed other-wordly, even if he wasn't bashing the ball out of the park or stealing a bushel of bases.


  1. Thank you so much for this! I grew up emulating Concepcion in my yard throwing a rubber ball against our house! He redefined the fielding aspect of playing shortstop when Astroturf started appearing in NL parks. Then he learned how to hit and in my mind became the premier shortstop in all of baseball until Ozzie Smith learned how to hit in the mid-80s. Should be in the Hall of Fame.

  2. Great card. I'd love to know the story on that picture. Lee May, JB and Sparky along with Davey are out en-force arguing their point at Crosley Field.

    A agree RAJ, he should be in the Hall of Fame. He changed the way the position was played. He would be there had ESPN come along about five years earlier. And to his credit he stayed here in Cincinnati for his entire career when he could have made more money somewhere else.

    And we grew up doing DP's where one of us was Davey and the other was Lil' Joe. Great memories.

  3. I'm thinking that this was from the Reds-Phillies game on June 2, 1970 at Crosley Field shortly before Riverfront Stadium opened. It was the only home game that saw Concepcion, Bench, and Perez (behind Concepcion) play together where there was rain. Why rain matters? Take a look at the crowd in the background. They're all up in the stands under shelter from the deck above. Just my guess. Oh, and the Reds won the game 7-2. I have no idea what the argument may have been about.

  4. Neat analysis RAJ. I assumed it was Lee May because he looks so much bigger than the umpire but it probably is Tony Perez. And nice sleuthing on the crowd/rain. There is a little shine on Johnny's helmet so perhaps the skies were beginning to clear.

    Gio, if there is a backstory for the photo, please share.



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