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Today I find myself posting up for the 900th time on this blog, and I cannot thank you all enough for following and contributing to what has become a daily treat for me.
Honestly, when I started this I figured I'd entertain myself for a few months and let it die out as I got "bored" with what in essence would be my little personal baseball card "diary".
But as it's grown I've come to rely on this as a daily does of entertainment.
I hope you're all still with me here, as I have a ways to go!
FYI- I already have myself set up with posts until about New Years 2017!
Yes, you may say I've become obsessed!
For today, instead of highlighting a card# through the decade, I wanted to restate what was my original mission here, so I'm reposting my first two blogs, the impetus to why I created this all in the first place.
We'll jump right back into the usual topics tomorrow, so bear with me…
Thanks again! Hope you all keep reading…

Originally posted May 25th, 2013

A Brief Introduction to Someone's Obsession with 1970's Topps Baseball Cards...

As a sports card collector for some 35 years, as well as a Graphic Designer for over 20, I've always had my "favorites" as far as card designs go, whether it was a set or even an individual player. Who can argue with the fact that the 1952 Topps baseball set, or 1953 Bowman baseball set were simply sublime in design? Or what about those Allen & Ginter or Mayo Plug masterpieces from 100+ years ago? Little rectangular pieces of art!
However, as a "child of the 1970's", I must admit I have always had a warm spot in my heart for those Topps baseball sets of the decade. We were given psychedelic, eye-gouging designs like 1972 and 1975, while also having bland, almost inexplicably boring set designs in 1970 and 1973. And who can forget that frustrating (for a condition-sensitive collector today) 1971 set with the black borders?! Topps seemed to be trying to catch up with the "go-go" '70's, exploding with color, design, and sometimes even photography after pumping out "middle of the road" offerings ever since Bowman bailed out of the baseball card game in 1956. I mean, besides the "clean" 1967 design, which was really just an updated version of the 1957 design, Topps really just kind of phoned-it-in between 1960-1970 in my opinion.
Then, out of nowhere, they hit us with that aforementioned 1971 set, black and bold with some horizontal cards thrown in for extra "kick", only to visually rape us with that acid-trip of a 1972 set! As a matter of fact that set was so visually explosive that it seems to have made Topps take a step back for a couple of years in 1973 and 1974 to have some time to reload before they jumped into the color pool again with their 1975 edition!
Personally, the apex of Topps baseball was indeed the run between 1975 and 1978. Those four sets were, and still are, just magic to me. The colors of 1975 and 1976, along with the clean designs from 1977 and 1978 made these sets my favorites to this very day. On top of it all, I was always a sucker for the All-Star cards being the players' regular issue card. I'm sure many would disagree with me here, but I never liked separate All-Star cards for players. I always felt that when you pulled a player's card from a pack, and saw that "All-Star" designation on the card, it was awesome to turn to the back to see the very stats that made them an "All-Star" to begin with. That run of regular issue All-Star cards from 1975-1981 will be examined further in the near future, sort of a sub-set of articles actually. But for the near future, allow me to jump right into the cards of that crazy decade that burned themselves into my brain and have stuck with me all these years…

Topps 1976 #300 Johnny Bench.
Where do I even begin with what is my all-time favorite baseball card? First off, can a man actually be "in love" with a piece of cardboard? Ever since I pulled one of these our of a wax pack when I was seven years old, I was mesmerized.
What a bad-ass look on his face, standing there with an inexplicable dust-cloud hovering around him at home plate. This was a time when the Big Red Machine was terrorizing everyone on their way to two straight championships, including a sweep in the World Series that very year of my beloved Yankees.
Yeah Pete Rose may have been the hard-nosed leader of this juggernaut, but looking at this card always made me this Bench was one dude not to mess with!
The photograph, the cropping, the overall coloration in the card's design, and of course the "All-Star" designation screaming out to you on the lower left, this card has it all, and it's held up in my eyes all these years later.
Simply a classic baseball card.


  1. Glad to hear you're keeping on keepin' on! I look forward to this blog every morning! I myself have made it a passion to "remix" some of my favorite Reds and Bengals cards and so I understand your passion too. If there's any way to add an image to this comment I would post my "remix" of the 1976 Bench card...not that it could ever be any better than the original.

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  3. Thanks for the great blog. I check it almost every day, but even if I miss a couple days I always go back. I have seen all 900 posts and there is never a bad one.

  4. Same here. Been on here daily for over a year if not longer.

    The JB card is a great one for sure. What caught my on is that he is wearing the home whites. The 1973 and 1974 sets had several Reds players using pictures taken at Riverfront which was unusual. I think the 1974 Joe Morgan card is from the 1972 World Series since several A's players can be seen in the "yellowed-out" background. So I am wondering when this one may have been taken. Maybe the 1975 Playoffs? Or something older?

    Keep up the good work Gio.

  5. Congrats on the900. One of my first reads everyday.

  6. This site has become a morning habit of mine. Keep up the good work!

  7. One of favorite sites and part of my daily power rotation of sites to check out. Led me to working with you on the 1976 project which has been absolutely fantastic!!

  8. Congrats on the milestone! You do do great job of consistently churning out interesting posts/cards.



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