Saturday, February 7, 2015


Next up on my "1976 Project" for "Reader Jim" is former relief pitcher Jim Kern, who was left out of the set even though he appeared in a multi-player rookie card the previous year.
Take a look:

Kern should have had a card in the '76 set since he appeared in 13 games, good for 71.2 innings, pretty much evenly split between the bullpen and starts.
He posted a 1-2 record with a 3.77 earned run average and 55 strikeouts, setting off a decent 13-year career which actually saw him as one of the game's more reliable relief pitchers between 1976 and 1979.
His finest season was easily 1979, which saw him post a 13-5 win-loss record with 29 saves and 136 K's in 143 innings of work, ALL in relief for the Texas Rangers.
That stellar season got him a fourth place finish in Cy Young voting, as well as an 11th-place finish in M.V.P. consideration.
Sadly, arm trouble set in the following season, and even though he managed to stick around on Major League mounds until the 1986 season, he was never the same pitcher again.
Nevertheless Kern did finish with a 53-57 career record, with a fine 3.32 E.R.A., 88 saves and 651 strikeouts in 416 games and 793.1 innings.
Over those seasons he played for six teams: Indians, Rangers, Brewers, White Sox, Reds and Phillies.


  1. He was part of the new wave big Red Machine during the purge of 1982. Sadly one of the low points in team history. I don't think Kern lasted more than that one year in Cincinnati. Nice card none the less.

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  3. I've never seen a picture of Kern in a Phillies uniform, although I've searched high and low in order to put together a 1984 Topps style Phillies card for him.

  4. Love what you've done with it Gio! And Mr Kern is bringing the facial chops....

  5. Nothing better than those red on red Indians softball uniforms ! Think of all the stars that ran through Cleveland in the 70's, only to get traded away and have success with other teams. Guys like Nettles and Chambliss became cornerstones in the Yankee back to back champions, but started in CLE.

  6. Nice card. He appeared on a Rookie card for 1975. I guess he was not card worthy for 1976... Until now... On that same 1975 Rookie card is Juan Veintidos who never appeared in a single game...



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