Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Here's a "missing" 1975 Topps card for longtime New York Yankees second baseman Horace Clarke, who wrapped up his career in 1974 with 42 games for San Diego:

That half season with the Padres was the only time Clarke played for anyone other than the Yankees in his ten-year career, spanning 1965 to 1974.
Playing during those post-dynasty Yankees "dark days", Clarke endured some lean years in the Bronx with guys like Bobby Murcer, Mel Stottlemyre and Joe Pepitone.
A "typical" middle infielder of the era, Clarke was a nice-fielding/light-hitting player who had some nice years for the Yanks.
Between 1967 and 1973 Clarke was the Yankees full-time second baseman, topping 600 plate appearances each and every year.
His average hovered around the .250 mark, with a high of .285 in 1969 when he had perhaps his best season as a Major League player: 183 hits, 82 runs, 33 stolen bases and seven triples.
He retired after 1974 with a lifetime .256 average, with 1230 hits, 548 runs, 304 runs batted in and 151 stolen bases.
Oddly the man never won a Gold Glove even though he topped the American League in putouts four times, double-plays turned twice, fielding once and assists six times.
Just one of those decent guys that got lost in the Bronx before the "Bronx Zoo" and a guy named Steinbrenner rolled in a short time later.


  1. Horace Clarke went to the Padres? Who knew? Cool.

  2. Nice card. Love the ground crew pulling the tarp behind him. Early card memory was having his 1971 card. The E at the end of his name always threw me as a kid. Didnt know if it was silent or not. Lol.



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