Sunday, January 11, 2015


Let's give a terribly underrated player an "In Action" card in the 1972 set: Vada Pinson.
Take a look at the nice photo I came across:

I'm really digging the way this card came out!
And I am always a sucker for a famous "photobomb", in this case future Hall of Famer and former teammate of Pinson while on the Reds, Frank Robinson.
Pinson was playing in his first season with the California Angels in 1972 after two seasons in Cleveland.
After playing for the Angels for two years he'd move on to the Kansas City Royals until the end of the 1975 season, retiring with over 2700 hits, 1350 runs scored, 485 doubles, 127 triples, 250 homers 1150 runs batted in and 300 stolen bases.
Think of those numbers folks. Awesome.
He posted four 200+ hit seasons, seven 20+ homer seasons, two 100-R.B.I. seasons, four 100-runs seasons, five 10+ triples seasons, seven 30+ doubles seasons and nine 20+ stolen base seasons!
He could do it all, and yet seems to have been terribly ignored through the years after his retirement, especially for Hall of Fame induction. 
The best tally he ever got in that regard was 15.7% in 1988, and ran out of eligibility in 1996.
I don't know how many of you feel out there, but Vada Pinson was an amazing player and should have gotten a bit more respect for induction, don't you think?


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  3. Check this game again. I can't see where Robinson as an Oriole played against Pinson as an Angel. BR says Robinson was traded to the Dodgers on 12/02/1971 and that he played for the Dodgers all season in 1972. I think Pinson is an Indian here.

  4. I agree. A few batting titles or a World Series title would have helped his cause.

    Pete Rose often cites those two as helping him thru his first season with the Reds since he was largely snubbed for taking Don Blasingame's spot at 2B in 1963.

    Great photo and card design.

  5. Another aweson 1972 in action card! One of your best!

  6. Oh Boy, Talk about a Poor Guy Getting Screwed! If Numbers mean Something in the HOF......How in the World can Vada Pinson Not Get Elected? Talk About No Justice.



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