Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I just couldn't let a "Highlights from the '70s" series go by without throwing in one of MY all-time highlights: the 1978 Yankees comeback, and eventual championship.
Check out my 1979 card design celebrating that feat:

Would you believe that I could NOT find a suitable color-version of the moment Bucky hit the home run off Mike Torrez?!
There were a ton of black and white images, but no color, so I found this great image of Dent as he crossed home plate, being greeted by Chris Chambliss and Roy White.
Just look at the priceless look on Carlton Fisk's face, as well as Mickey Rivers (hidden behind the "#163" call-out).
Needless to say, for about a year after that Dent homer, every kid in the schoolyard was "Bucky Dent" when up at-bat.
Truly the height of the "Bronx Zoo" days at the Stadium, you had a Reggie Jackson suspension, the famous Jackson-Billy martin scuffle in the dugout, Martin resigning in mid-season with Bob Lemon taking over the helm, the introduction to us NYC kids to a character named "Goose" which led to one of my favorite quotes of the era "You went from Cy Young to sayonara" (Google it if you don't remember) and of course "Louisiana Lightning" Ron Guidry having a season for the ages, going 25-3 with a 1.74 E.R.A. and 248 strikeouts with nine shutouts, winning the Cy Young Award unanimously while being ripped-off the M.V.P. (I'm STILL holding on to that one).

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  1. Bucky Fkn Dent! I was in Jr. High and got home just in time to catch that dramatic home run. I wasn't a fan of either team since the Reds had beaten both of them in the World Series but I loved the drama of that homer.

    Great card too BTW. They definately should have included something like that in the set. Topps' coverage of the Playoffs and World Series was pretty pathetic by the end of the 70's.



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