Friday, January 2, 2015


Here was a really fun card to create: a "missing" 1972 "In Action" card of former slugger-extraordinaire, Frank Howard.
Take a look:

What makes this card so special in my eyes is that Howard was never on a Topps card shown in a Texas Rangers uniform.
In 1972 he was conveniently shown in a photo that hid a Washington Senators uni, as Topps didn't have updated shots of the new Rangers team and their playing duds.
By the time the 1973 cards came out he was shown with his new team, the Detroit Tigers.
As it tuned out, "Hondo" was already on his last legs in the Major Leagues, finishing up after the 1973 season.
But not before punishing both National and American League pitching, to the tune of 383 home runs, with three 40+ seasons, to go along with four 100+ R.B.I. Years and four all-star game nods.
The man was an outright beast, standing at 6'7" and over 250 lbs.
While winning the National League Rookie of the Year in 1960 with the Dodgers, he'd also finish in the top-10 for Most Valuable Player Award four times, at least once in each league.
As an aside, until Jay Buhner smacked his 40th home run in 1997, making it three years in a row attaining the mark, Howard was the last Major League player to do so, when he hit 40+ in 1968-70.
The man was so feared he had TWO great nicknames, the other being "The Capital Punisher"!


  1. Love your 1972 in action cards! Look forward to then everyday! I would love to see a tony conigliaro 1972 in action card! He never had a game action card. Thanks for the great blog!

  2. I saw this card coming. Very nice. You may want to consider giving his regular 1972 Topps card a do-over of him in a Texas Rangers uniform. If so, please do the same for Denny McLain if you don't mind.

  3. I must make a correction. McLain may appear as a member of the Texas Rangers in the '72 Topps set, but he never played for them.

  4. Hey Joe! Airbrush Gio! Airbrush...!



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