Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Let's whip up a 1977 card for Oscar Gamble as a Chicago White Sox player for my newest entry in my "traded" thread:

Topps had him (understandably so) as a New York Yankees player, since he wasn't traded to the White Sox until April of '77.
As it turned out, 1977 would be the best year of Gamble's solid 17-year career, mainly as a power-bat off the bench.
In only 408 at-bats that season, Gamble powered 31 homers to go with 83 runs batted in with a nice .297 batting average in his only season in the South Side.
As a matter of fact, I never realized that during his entire career, Gamble only had ONE season where he topped 500 plate appearances, and that was in 1974 while playing for the Indians (he had 508).
In 4502 career at-bats, Gamble hit 200 homers. Not bad when you think about it!
After his lone season in Chicago, Gamble would take his bat to San Diego, where he'd play for the Padres for a year, then on to Texas for part of the 1979 season before he made it back to the Bronx.
Once back he'd play for the Yanks until 1984, before playing out his career with the White Sox in 1985.
I'll always remember Gamble as a Yankee at the tail-end of his career. He always seemed to hit a homer when he came up, and was always a fun guy to watch play. A true character.
Always aware of his numbers, he'd frequently talk about his "home run ratio", and years later Jim Kaat, while broadcasting games on the YES channel, would always bring that up when some current player was hitting home runs at nice pace.


  1. This is an especially nice card, considering how Gamble depicted as a Yankee in both the '77 Topps and '77 OPC sets. On top of that, he appears as a Padre in the '78 Topps set. As such, this is the only '77 White Sox card of Gamble that I know of. Keep up the good work.

  2. Just saw this card. Absolutely cool. Richie Zisk also had a lone year in Chicago. He went to the Rangers through free agency after that year. Rich Gossage and Terry Forster went to the Pittsburgh Pirates for one year also before they went on to other teams.



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