Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Here's a card that took my WAY too long to create, but boy-oh-boy am I happy with the end-result: a "Nickname" card for former Oakland A's pitcher John "Blue Moon" Odom.
Take a look:

Wow, you have no idea how long it took to create that "Blue Moon" banner at the top of that card. But if anyone is wondering what font that is, it's "Broadway Engraved".
Odom spent all or parts of 12 of his 13 Major League seasons with the A's organization: the first four when they were still in Kansas City (1964-1967), and the next eight in Oakland.
I used a 1972 template for him since 1972 was his best season in the 1970's, as he posted a 15-6 record with a 2.50 E.R.A. And two shutouts over 30 starts.
After that season his career sort of went downhill from there, finding himself playing for Oakland, Cleveland, Atlanta and the Chicago White Sox all in 1975 and 1976.
However, as I profiled in one of my "Highlights of the 1970's" a little while back on this blog, one of his last Major League starts, in 1976 as a member of the White Sox, was a combined no-hitter against the Oakland A's (ironically enough), along with teammate Francisco Barrios.
By the time he wrapped up his career after 1976, he posted an 84-85 record, with a 3.70 earned run average, 15 shutouts and 857 strikeouts over 295 games, 229 of which were starts.
And he also left us with one of the best nicknames of the era, along with former teammates "Catfish" Hunter and "Mudcat" Grant.


  1. Great looking card! The design is perfect and so is the photo you used!

  2. Whoa!...Whoa...it's a Whoa x3! I happen to know what a pain in the butt recreating that '72 font is. Whoa (thats 4), that's perfect. Actuall, better than Topps would have done it :)
    Wow, great job.

    1. It's far better than Topps actually HAS done it. There are recent Archives & "1972 Mini" cards that feature teams which weren't around in 1972, and Topps did a hatchet job on those. I'm actually a bit relieved to find out that it was an arduous task, because if it were relatively easy and Topps did such a crappy job, I would've been more pissed off than I am.

      In case you hadn't guessed, I'm very impressed by the Blue Moon custom.



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