Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Today I wanted to start a "traded" sub-set that encompasses the entire decade of late or mid-season trades that almost assuredly would have been produced had Topps started their "Traded Set" before 1981.
I was a HUGE fan of the traded sets in the early-80's, and was even the proud owner of 25 Fleer 1984 "Traded Sets", only to sell them seven years later for $250 each: TEN TIMES the price I paid for them when they came out!
Anyway, today I want to start with a 1977 card of "Tom Terrific", Tom Seaver, who was traded to the Cincinnati Reds (and broke many a Mets fans heart) on June 15th of that year.
Check it out:

I wanted to do something different than the usual card format Topps had for the set, so for this one I went horizontal, with a "traded" line running across the bottom with the date of the transaction.
I'll never forget that day, even as a Yankee fan at the age of eight. I was crushed that Tom Seaver wasn't in New York any longer!
But that was nothing compared to many of my Met fan friends, who were absolutely distraught at the thought of Seaver now pitching for the Reds!
On a side note: It's amazing to think that Seaver was traded to the reigning two-time World Champions, STILL loaded with Pete Rose, Joe Morgan, Dave Concepcion, Ken Griffey and Johnny Bench, yet they never brought home another championship until 1990 with their surprising sweep of the Oakland A's.
I've mentioned this before on this blog, but years later in the '80's I was watching an interview with former "Big Red Machine" manager Sparky Anderson, and he stated that the reason the Reds didn't win another World Series was because they lost Tony Perez, whom Anderson considered a vital "cog in the Machine".
I remember how that stuck with me since the Reds still had all those other awesome players. Yet here was Anderson saying that it was the loss of Perez that killed the dynasty.
Interesting to say the least!


  1. Great card. Tom Terrific was welcomed with open arms in Cincinnati. He was friends with Johnny Bench and was another superstar on that roster but there was no replacing the Big Dog Tony Perez. Sparky said they would have won in 77 and 78 if he were still around. Seaver would take up for the loss of Don Gullett who went to the Yanks that year. But sadly he was never able to get them over the hump. He was passed over for the Cy Young in 81 and the Reds got screwed out of a playoff spot due to the strike that year. I was glad he went back to NY towards the end of his career. As much as I enjoyed him being on the Reds I always felt he belonged in NYC.

  2. I've always been amazed at how MLB botched that season! Why not just "pick up where we left off"? What was with that split season rationale anyway?
    The Reds were royally screwed that year, including Seaver who was a victim of "Fernando-mania".
    The team with the best record not making the playoffs was absurd.
    Even as a 12-year old back then something did not ring true. I hated it actually.

  3. I love this idea. I'm not crazy about the horizontal format for 1977. The border is too big and takes away from the card. I like the trade line though.

    1. I just can't help it. I have always been a sucker for horizontal cards in a "vertical" set! If I can make it landscape, it'll happen! ;)

  4. You should really challenge yourself and airbrush your "traded" series like they did back then. Hopefully with less horrific results. LOL.

  5. Beautiful card. Don't forget to make one for when he returns to the Mets! ( and I guess a White Sox and Boston one too, gah). I think the horizontal '77 format looks especially cool.



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