Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ok. So here's a card that has been done a bunch of times, so I wanted to try and do something a little different.
Take a look at my take on a 1976 Topps Reggie Jackson card showing him as a Baltimore Oriole:

This is my second card (following the 1977 Tom Seaver) in my "Traded" sub-set, creating cards of players that were traded before Topps could get them on the correct team by Opening Day.
As we all know, Reggie was traded by the Oakland A's right around the start of the 1976 season to the Baltimore Orioles.
And even though we were left with what is STILL one of my all-time favorite cards, that '76 card of Reggie would have been nice to have depicted him on the correct team.
There are a lot of really takes on this out there, for sure. Hope you all think this one is an adequate addition to them as well!


  1. Very nice. Always love to see "cards"/photos from Reggie's forgotten year on the O's.

  2. Okay Giovanni. Now you need to make corresponding cards for Ken Holtzman, Don Baylor, Mike Torrez, Paul Mitchell, and the forgotten Bill Van Bommel. Look what you've done! LOL!!!

    1. My friend, I can't even FIND an image of Van Bommel! None! Not even a low-res one! Ha!

    2. I will try to find one. This trade was a super big deal to me when it happened. I was a hardcore Orioles fan living in Hagerstown Maryland. It was the Bicentennial year and I was a "big" 5th grader. I was even on the school patrol. The Orioles get Reggie and then he doesn't report for s month... At the end of that year we lost Reggie, 20 game winner Wayne Garland, and Bobby Grich. Man. What a brutal winter that was...

  3. Great card Gio. I forgot (or didn't know) that Reggie didn't switch to No. 44 until he went to the Yankees.



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