Friday, October 24, 2014


Here's a card design I think came out well: a "traded" 1975 Topps Dick Allen card.
Check it out:

Allen had quite an adventurous off-season between the 1974 and 1975 seasons, getting traded by the Chicago White Sox to the Atlanta Braves on December 3, 1974, only to THEN get swapped on May 7, 1975 by the Braves to his original Major League team, the Phillies.
While his original 1975 Topps card is a classic in my eyes, it does still have him on the "wrong" team. That is, NOT on the team he played with in '75.
He was coming off of a solid 1974 season which saw him lead the American League in homers (32) and slugging (.563) while batting .301 with 88 runs batted in and 84 runs scored.
But Allen pretty much wore out his welcome on the South Side of Chicago, leading to his departure.
After a couple of "so-so" seasons in Philadelphia, Allen wrapped up his career in 1977 after appearing in 54 games for the Oakland A's.
There are some guys I'll find ANY reason to design a card for, and Allen is definitely one of them!
Hope to have more here in the future…



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