Monday, December 19, 2016


Let’s go and give Don Baylor a 1976 “Traded Card” since he was a part of one of the all-
time blockbusters, especially of the decade:

Of course we all know that the trade I’m talking about was the one where Ken Holtzman and Reggie Jackson went over to Baltimore for Baylor and Mike Torrez, among others.
Turns out Baylor would have a solid season for the A’s, but would only play there for one year before becoming a Free Agent and heading South to the California Angels where he would star for the next six years, including a monster MVP season in 1979.
After three solid seasons for the New York Yankees from 1983-1985 he’d play for Boston, Minnesota and back for Oakland between 1986 and 1988 to close out an excellent 19-year career that saw him top 2000 hits, 1200 runs scored, 330 homers, 1200 runs batted in and 280 stolen bases.
Look for my “Groove” nickname card in the near future!


  1. Growing up an Orioles fan this was a mind boggling trade. Reggie to the Orioles! He held out a month before he reported to the the team angering the fans. The June 15th trade with the Yankees was another blockbuster. Holtzman was involved in that trade also. I actually saw Holtzman win a game against the Twins that year. It was the annual Safety patrol ballgame that year. It is hard to find pictures of Ken Holtzman in an Orioles uniform...Hint hint Gio...

  2. These colors really pop. Nice looking card

  3. A lot of people forget that Baylor was a yet another veteran that was a key part of the '86 RedSox team that lost to the NY Mets in that dramatic WS.

  4. I miss the "ripped headline" from the actual Topps '76 traded cards. B^)



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