Friday, December 23, 2016


Here’s a card for a guy who had a few “missing” cards during the 1970’s, and this one easily should have been his true rookie card after seeing more than enough action during the 1973 season, Gene Locklear and his 1974 card:

I’ve already created a 1977 card for him as a member of the New York Yankees, and today’s card has him with the San Diego Padres, for whom he ended up finishing the year with after coming up with the Cincinnati Reds.
All told Locklear played in 96 games in ’73, collecting 42 hits over 180 official at-bats for a .233 batting average while playing the outfield.
Funny enough his rookie card would end up being in the 1975 set after a season that saw him appear in only 39 games with 74 at-bats, less than half the action.
Go figure, but we have seen this before haven’t we?
Locklear would end up putting in five-years in the Major Leagues, finishing up with the Yankees as mentioned before in 1977 in which he appeared in a single game, yet went 3-for-5 with two runs batted in and a run scored! That’s a heck of a final game!
He’d end up with a career .274 average based on his 163 hits in 595 at-bats in 292 games playing for the three teams mentioned above.


  1. Nice card, definitely deserved a card in '74. Actually he's an accomplished artist concentrating mostly on painting sports superstars.

  2. How about a Washington National League version...Ha Ha

  3. Nice card. Had no idea Gene made the Big Red Machine out of spring training in '73 before he was dealt to the Padres halfway through the season. Who knew? Finding a color photo of him with the Reds would truly be a find.



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